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summer of o five

The Past of Lynchie and Future of Ashlyn

written long ago by a girl named Lyn ... and then sort of added onto and sort of turned into a series of snippets?

"Don't go changing, to try and please me/You never let me down before."

Introduction : Liars truth

I feel lost in my own family and home

Tears stream down my eyes when nothing is wrong and the sun shines

My heart feels missing and my chest compressed

Nothings worth doing

No one seems important

My stomach seems hungry but just too full

I sleep but dont rest

Seeing people besides my reflection in the mirror is torture

I laugh at jokes on the television but smile no where else

Old people sicken me

And babies annoy me

I want to tell someone else about the battles in my mind

But counsel myself instead

Hating those who do not see my dread

They say they care and theyd miss me if I were gone

Which part of me knows is true

But I cant help but feel, if they cared so much

Why cant they sense my ordeal?



Stories of a Painted Summer Locked Away


Lyn and Kelly

Lynch sits in Murphys den waiting for the prepared guests. She glances in the mirror that hangs in the two storied houses entrance. Murphy had gone outside to greet everyone with a welcome smile just like her mother-probably the only thing she did like her mother though. Lynch couldnt fathom why she was anxious to see these people. She was going to see Kel, Holdan, and Brin-all the people in which she despised. They were all people who had either intentionally or non-intentionally hurt Lynch at one point in time over her short yet long felt life. Holdan being the girl Lynch felt she could never please. Kel being one of the many boys that had broke Lynchs fatigued heart and Brin being the number one fan of this particular injury. Lynch wanted to see them about as much as she had wanted to see Murphy at the beginning of the summer, but Murphy had grown to be quite a good acquaintance of Miss Lynchs so she was trying her damn hardest to be optimistic, after all, she had changed. She heard someone enter but assumed it was Murphys rather annoying little brother so she continued to crane her neck to try and look at herself in the entryways mirror.


Lynch turned around abruptly knowing only one person called her that.


Lynch already expecting his protest against calling such a masculine person such a girl name already began to giggle, but suddenly realized that was the only noise being made in the suddenly large room.


Ugly? Repulsive? Stupid? Or did you finally come up with something pleasant to say to me Mr. Kelly?

They continued to giggly graze each other from head to toe until Murphy, Holdan, and Brin finally came in and saw them. Holdan quickly changed her smile to an annoyed look at the presence of Lynch. Murphy silently remembered she had something in the oven and motioned shed be back. Brin simply stood there with the expression of a Yankee fan at a Red Sox pep rally-utter disgust covered with the smuggest of grins.

Lynch, you look....weird, I mean different. Did you like go ano on us this summer!? Bitch!!! I missed you!

Sure you did.

Hey Brin. Right back at you.

You know the whole bitch part, right back at you - times a thousand.

            After eating the foursome decided on watching some random movie that they would laugh at Murphy laughing at-which turned out to not be as near as amusing as it used to be. Not long into the movie everyone except Murphy began offering to get nonsense things from upstairs. Brin offered for more chips, despite the full bowl right in the middle of them. Holdan offered to go kill Murphys little brother despite the obvious laws forbidding it. Unfortunately Lynch and Kel won for refills on drinks, despite Brins obvious disgust with the thought of them alone. The twosome silently went downstairs to the kitchen and began pouring coke after diet coke. Seconds after they began pouring Holdan, Murphy and Brin came in reporting that Kels mother had called saying he had to go.

Alright, probably to baby-sit Meg. I thought older older brothers were supposed to do that! Well Ill just bring these drinks up then just head off.

No Kel, its fine, I got it, Lynch offered kindly.

Goodbyes were said between Kel and everyone except for Lynch, which sent Brin into a motionless jig. Finally Lynch was left in the kitchen alone, where she found comfort for the first time that night. Then she heard the door handle swiggle for a bit and then a tall handsome chocolate colored and flavored boy-man walked in and walked towards Lynch.

Lyn, you look beautiful.

Then he slowly leaned down his head and neck and gently pecked her softly on the lips. Kel then left leaving Lynch cleaning up the coke she had overflowed onto the kitchen counter.


Better In  A Court Room - or At Least Safer

You may be right/I may be crazy./But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for.
 - Billy Joel


            She doesnt want to be here. Never did, never will, completely bee-essed the application with answers she thought her father might want her to write. She belongs in a courtroom. Where she could argue, and it would actually be listened too. Sure, she had come to the introduction seminar. Do you know CPR? Yes. (Is it five, ten, or fifteen compressions before or after you shove your palm into the back of the baby?) Do you know the himelick? Yes. (Find the nearest table or cabinet and push their back into it, but only after asking them twenty times, Are you choking!?) Do you know basic first aid? Yes. (If basic meant opening a band-aid and covering her latest shaving accident with it, she knew that very well). Welcome to Hutchesons Summer Teenage Volunteer Program. Goody. She left for the beach two days later, accidentally leaving her favorite sunglasses and purposely leaving behind the reminder that she would start at the hospital in two weeks. While at the beach working on that great family bonding thing, she wished she was anywhere else. While walking into the hospital for her first day, she wished she were at the beach. Finding the correct place to go was easy. Filling out her nametag was easy, Lynch, only five letters. Meeting her new partner that would help her deliver essential medicine and nonessential papers, now that was the hard part. They were introduced by the overly perky overly pink clad volunteen program instructor, and were soon alone. Awkwardly. Sure, shed be brave. Trying new things right?

Names Lynch. You?

Arent you lucky Im not black.

She heard that, but feigned momentary deafness anyways.


Im Seth Roberts.

Arent you unlucky I hate the O.C.

So they both knew how to feign, What was that?

Where do you suppose we get started Seth?


Lunch Break with Dear Old Daddy’s Doctor Daughter

While we're living/The dreams we have as children/Fade away
 - Oasis



“….is total old school. Grey’s Anatomy is the shit. Period.”

“You only watch it for that lawn mower riding guy.”


“E.R. deals with real things, you know, real medical issues.”

“Uh-huh. Because I am sure a plane has crashed in front of Hutcheson. And a helicopter crashes all the time, right up there on the roof. And the secretary in the emergency room has probably shot a bazooka through the entryway door, so many times that even he has lost count…”

“Shut up.”

“Hostile little tattoo-bearing boy aren’t we?”

 “You like tattoos?”

“No, I despise them, especially on fifteen year old boys.”

“I’m sixteen.”

“Then start acting like it.”

Seth and Lynch had been banteringly arguing for the last hour and the only conclusion that they had come to agree on was that they had to be they least compatible pairing in the whole volunteen program. Every volunteen had been given an hour and a half time for lunch. Those who could drive, drove away. Those you couldn’t or didn’t have the luxury of a car found themselves sitting awkwardly in the awkwardly smelling cafeteria. That was an hour ago. Everyone except Seth and Lynch had long ago wandered to the emergency room waiting area to hopefully steal a glance at someone really bloodied up. Since that would really happen in a North boondock Georgia hospital.

“Well since you are sixteen, why didn’t you go somewhere for lunch? Or do you enjoy this…food.”

“More than you obviously do, too good for this food?”

“Even you’re too good for this food.”

“I see.”

“What does that mean?”


Silent ughhhhhhhhhhh. “How much longer until we have to be back?”

“About twenty-five minutes. Why are you here?”

“Here, as in this cafeteria? Well there is this thing called lunch and…”

“Stop. I mean here, as in this program, volunteering?”

“You know I have been wondering the same thing about you, since, well, the minute I met you. You just don’t seem the volunteering type.”

“Volunteering type?”

“You know, the kind of people who do something without the expectation of anything in return.”

“Yes, and Ms. Lynchcraft, you most certainly seem to be that type. And also the type that dear old doctor daddy would pressure into doing something like this.”

“You don’t know what the hell you are talking about.”

“Oooo, testy. Well, I’ll rephrase that previous statement. No Ms. Lynchcraft, you don’t seem the type to “volunteer” either.”


“Why don’t I?”

“Because you seem like the meat-head jock type that ought to be training for some stupid sport this summer, and trying out the best steroids so you can get that completely pointless scholarship. Or simply be impregnating a cheerleader.”

“Because I go to a public school?”

“That has nothing to do with it. Besides, I know plenty of meat-heads that have attempted to impregnate plenty of females where I go to school.”

“Don’t you have it rough.”

“Is that why you hate me?”

“Hate is such a strong, yet perfect word for my feelings towards you. And is that why, what that I hate you?”

“Because I go to a private school.”

“And have a doctor daddy.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I have ears. All of the nurses have been talking about it this morning. And Mrs. Rogers instructor lady made it abundantly clear before I even met you.”

“So you had me figured out before you even met me?”

“Of course. You go to a private school, where you make perfect grades without even trying because you are some prodigy child of your father’s. You and your friends highest dreams is to marry richer than each other and plop out perfectly blonde children. You date the star wrestler, because there is no star football player at your school, because even your little brain is aware of the fact that private school boys suck at football. You are volunteering because it will look good on a college application, and why not start young looking for a doctor you can marry and later milk for all that he is worth? Or maybe you aren’t here exactly for that because you have plans to go to medical school, where you will pass simply because of your last name and later on find a fellow doctor whom you will marry and later milk him for all that he is worth…”

“Stop! Yes, I go to a private school, but compared to ninety-nine percent of my classmates, I am considered lower class. Which makes no sense at all. I am most certainly not a prodigy child because half of my so called friends are caused physical pain when they make the grades that I consider my highest. The star wrestler doesn’t even know that I exist, despite the fact that we were in the same homeroom together this year. Yes I am volunteering because it looks good on a college application, but also because I would like something to actually talk to my father about instead of hello and goodbye. I have no intention of becoming a doctor, and the day I graduate highschool I fully intend on boarding the first plane to go to whatever the best law school I managed to be accepted to and never, I repeat never, look back on this godforsaken town and all the fakeness that it entails.”

“Lawyer, huh?”

“Is that all you paid attention too?”

“Pretty much, yes.”

“I answered your around the bush attempt to figure out why I was here. You owe me the same.”

“I don’t owe you anything, but I am here because my science teacher told me that it would be a good opportunity.”

“You sure it wasn’t your parole officer?”

“Cute, but no. It was my science teacher who is helping me to succeed in my dream of becoming a doctor.”

“Future doctor and lawyer. Wouldn’t parents across America be proud?”

“Of me, yes. Of you, no.”

“Why is that? Lawyers and doctors are both well paid and honorable professions.”

“Doctors have hearts.”


“Plus, at least my parents know the real me, and not just the person that I pretend to be to impress them.”

“I don’t know where you learned it was okay to pass judgment upon someone who you don’t even know, but…”

“I know that you want to be a lawyer. Can dear old doctor daddy say the same thing?”

“We are going to be late.”

With that, Lynch stood up and slammed her chair under the table and began to walk off, with Seth nipping at her trailing figure. They traveled down the hall and up the elevator to the main level in complete silence, looking forward to the fact that they had only two hours left and becoming more frustrated with the fact that they even had to spend that much longer together. As they were both signing in, Seth leaned over to his shorter partner, Lynch, and whispered, “I also know that you are in love with the star wrestler. Can he say the same?”


Coffee with Pot and Kettle

Summertime/And the livin' is easy/Fish are jumpin', and the cotton is high.
Ira Gershwin


“Geo. I. Can. Not. Stand. Him.”

“You’re a hostile person.”

“Hello pot, I’m kettle.”

“I have been hanging out with you and Krug Girl for far too long, because I actually got that.”

“You don’t hang out with Krug Girl.”

“Off topic.”

“Well back on topic. He makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out.”

“With your pink fingernails?”

“Preparing for the Queer Eye interview?”

“You just don’t paint your fingernails. Neither does Krug Girl.”

“No, Kiwi just paints her toenails. You like bringing her up.”

“New topic.”

“No let’s finish the one we never started.”

“Okay, you hate the guy you are partnered with in the air-conditioned hospital. Poor Lynch.”

“Don’t call me that. And poor little Geo who has to work with his daddy during the summer.”

“Why does he make you want to hang yourself?”

“Scratch my eyeballs out. You know how some people just get on some people’s nerves and just like that. Period. I hate him.”

Geo and Lynch sat nonchalantly at a downtown coffee place, because he had to have his coffee. The liquid link between them, that he didn’t even know existed. Lynch picked at a salad thinking about the assortment of bagels sitting at the check-out counter. The three-hundred calorie bagels. Thank you for the salad. She was going to do it this time. No buts.

“Split some chocolate cake with me?”

“No. I’m full. Let’s talk about you Geo.”

“Where the foo did that come from? Chocolate cake, talking about me?”

Geo did his o so not cute invisible weighing of one hand from another and looked at Lynch as if she had finally gone off her rocker.

“Go get your damn chocolate cake.”

“Such language.”

“Oh my dear kettle.”

“I thought I was pot.”


With an exasperated ughh, Geo sauntered over to the counter to not only get this chocolate cake, but to hit on the unsuspecting cashier, who oddly reciprocated it. What was it with this boy? He returned a few minutes later with two forks that, with the assistance of all the self control Lynch could muster up, would only half be used.

“What will happen when we go back this fall Geo?”

“Other than everyone freaking out about your lack of braces?”

“You promised not to tell anyone.”

“And I haven’t.”

They sat there for a few more minutes staring at each other with their attitude-free smirks, searching for the answer to that question. Lynch wanted to be different. Geo wanted to be different. Only the far-off first day of school held the answer to who actually would be.


Kel Musters a Visit

More than this - there is nothing/It was fun for a while/There was no way of knowing

 - Ferry


She hadn’t done anything. Nothing at ALL that whole entire day. She worked out before she left. She made her bed. She didn’t argue with her mother on the ride to ‘work.’ She had been halfway civil with Seth, when she had every right at all to bite his head off as he had done so many times already that morning. She didn’t mess with the minds of the old senile patients, however tempting it had been. She hadn’t done anything. So why was it that chance was so hellbent on screwing her? Lunch time. The usual, to the so unsterile cafeteria they went. More alone time with Seth. Ugh. Then he walked in. Kel Fields. Of course his older brother had some internship with one of his father’s friends. Of course he came to visit him; it was his brother after all. Of course he had just gotten hungry and tired of waiting for his brother to finish up. Of course he didn’t want a snack from one of the machines, because cafeteria food has such a superb history of being o so delicious. Of course he happened to walk into the cafeteria when everyone was finished and left, except for Seth and she. Of course. He now sat with them in a so obviously amusing situation to Seth and a sickening ordeal set up for Lynch.

“So you’re working here this summer. I think I remember you mentioning something like that.”


Wow a four letter response, compared to her normal two or three letter word earlier responses, she was moving forward. As if this wasn’t sickening enough to Lynch, Seth suddenly felt the urge to contribute to this wordy conversation.

“So you wrestle?”

“Err—no, basketball. Varsity.”

“Varsity, niiice. Varsity football myself.”

Kel opted to leave the conversation with the sketchy public school white boy at that, being the only thing that he had done thus far to make Lynch feel at ease. And slightly grateful her friends were so snobbish.

Well Lyn, I guess I need to head out, but it was great seeing you.

Of course it was. Especially today. The day she had done nothing. The day after she had fallen asleep with her makeup on. The day she had chosen to wear that shirt, that shirt that hid her improving figure, and those shoes that made her one skinny asset actually look like boats. After all, she was only supposed to see Seth that whole entire day. That day. Damn fate.

See you.

Ended with six letters. Improvement over time. With that, Kel left a shell-shocked Lynch and smirking Seth.

Now who was that Lynchcraft?

I swear to God if you call me that one more time...I used to d-....My name is Lynch and this whole day I havent...I go to school with him.

No shit. Yall must have made a good couple, he seemed rather pompous and spoiled like I would assume youd like them. But you cease to surprise me, Afra-Can-Amera-Can, Lynchcraft?

Since when do I surprise you, I thought you knew anything and everything about me? AND- he is not black.

Seth stared blankly back at her, wordlessly saying the obvious comment that anyone who didnt attend Bayla would say. So she finished.

Hes adopted. He has more money then all of your possible fathers combined, times a hundred thousand. He just acts, like black, sometimes.


Oh, no more intelligent words from the ranting genius that is Seth Roberts.

Well, if you insist, I thought yours was a wrestler?


Yours. As if that explained everything.

Honestly, Seth Roberts, what the hell are you talking about?

What have I told you about language? Yours, as in that boy. The one you are working here for to forget, besides the whole trying to impress daddy thing; the one that you nibble at even the good cafeteria food for.

What have I told you about commenting on things that you absolutely have no idea what you are talking about?

With that, Lynch left her tray for Seth to clean up. Seth left it for the janitors to clean up, even a public school boy could be arrogant. Or ignorant. He chased after Lynch all the way down the hall and up the often non-used stairs. As she coolly signed back in and as he panted his signature down she stole a glance at his olive-toned brown haired self. He offered a never used apologetic look which not only took her breathe away but sent up warning signs all over her head signaling her to look away. Immediately. And hope upon hope that she never saw empathy or any other kind human emotions in his green eyes again. But she was Lynch, predestined to set herself up for failure or whatever was the opposite of happily ever after, so she continued to look and proceed to ask, What?

Im sorry, you just dont need to change... for anyone. Whether it be the basketball player or the wrestler.

Lynch didnt even bother to defend herself.



This heart of mine keeps/Dreamin’ of you and it’s crazy/you’d think I’d had enough ~ Braxton